Quick and easy screening for malnutrition in nursing homes and care homes

The earlier a patient is recognized with (a possible risk of) malnutrition, the earlier he can be treated, thus preventing negative events associated with malnutrition.

For nursing homes and care homes we have developed the SNAQRC, the Short Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire for Residential Care. Performing the SNAQRCtakes only little time and requires no calculation. The SNAQRC traffic light system combines BMI with four questions related to involuntary weight loss, loss of appetite, and eating with help. It takes into account the higher Body Mass Index for elderly. A treatment plan is available for patients found to be at risk of malnutrition. The SNAQRC is available in several languages, click on the appropriate button to download the tool.

On international scale, the MNA and MNA-short form is often used. The Geriatrists use these instruments in the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA).