We have developed and validated a fast and easy-to-apply set of criteria for determining (the risk of) undernutrition in community-dwelling older persons, the so called Short Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire 65+ (SNAQ65+). The development of the SNAQ65+ was performed based on the association of undernutrition related items with 15-year mortality.  Based on the SNAQ65+ the following groups can be distinguished: (1) undernutrition (MUAC < 25 cm or involuntary weight loss more than 4 kg in 6 months); (2) risk of undernutrition (poor appetite last week and difficulties climbing a staircase; and (3) no undernutrition (others).

The SNAQ65+ uses a fast and easy-to-apply set of criteria (recent weight loss, ability to climb stairs, appetite, mid upper arm circumference), without the need of calculation or heavy or expensive equipment, which is very relevant for application in the home situation.

The SNAQ65+ is available in several languages, see list below: