In October 2016 the Dutch malnutrition Steering Group and Dutch Society of Paediatrics developed the protocol “Screening for- and treatment of malnutrition in children admitted to Dutch hospitals”. It is nog a EBM guideline, but a practical protocol. The protocol systematically describes the steps in the process of screening and treatment of malnutrition in children admitted to the hospital. These steps are:

  1. Screening for malnutrition;
  2. Treatment of malnutrition;
  3. Evaluating effect of treatment;
  4. Transfer of care and follow-up.

The various steps from hospitalization to dismissal are shown in the figure below.

The protocol also describes the responsibilities and tasks of care professionals within each step.
The steps ”screening for malnutrition <24 hours after hospitalization” and ”evaluation of energy and protein on day 4” are part of the Performance Indicators set by The Dutch Health Care Inspectorate (part of the Dutch Ministry of Health). Please click here to read more about the Performance Indicators.